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Hello TOTV Users,

A couple of years ago a Village couple named John and Cathy with a background in IT and web development, created a comprehensive platform for web and mobile devices specifically for residents of The Villages to be able to search out all the clubs and activities in The Villages called TheVillagesActivities.com. This was an amazing platform and wealth of information for all residents of The Villages. As with anything in life you end one chapter and start another.

As John and Cathy start another chapter, we have some very exciting news to share with you. TheVillagesActivities.com has partnered with TalkOfTheVillages.com (TOTV) so the TheVillagesActivities.com website and content will live on and continue to grow!

TalkOfTheVillages.com has made it possible for each and every Villager to take advantage of the best resource in The Villages for Activities and Clubs!! And to make things even better, TheVillagesActivities.com website will now be in front of over 100,000 new viewers since TalkOfTheVillages.com will have a prominently displayed button that will allow users on TalkOfTheVillages.com to check out the daily activities and more!! And, of course, everyone will still be able to get to the website the same way they always have directly and via your mobile devices! So please visit today and make sure to "bookmark" the website on your computer or mobile device and come visit us every day to see the most current activities and clubs in The Villages!

We thank Cathy and John for allowing us the opportunity to continue to bring you the most accurate, informing and easy to use activities and clubs information! We are grateful that we have the opportunity to take advantage of this partnership with TheVillagesActivities.com and you can expect more Clubs to be added as our team expands the user experience. Tell your friends and encourage everyone that you know to visit the website!

Best Regards,


Classified Section Update:

We wanted to give everyone an update and history on the classified section. Let's preface the update with every change we make is with the intention of making TOTV the best website in The Villages for everyone. We don't make any money off of the classified items listed.

As most of you know the popularity of the classified section has grown into having thousands of items listed. For example, over the past 30 days we've had over 2,087 items listed at a value of $1,143,080.22 with over 653 marked as sold! With the growth and success of the classified section our goal was to provide an even better platform for searching and selling.

In the process we partnered with a company called Panjo as they are the leader in this space for the software TOTV is built on. Like anything new there is a learning curve and a period of getting to know the new way to buy and sell. Along the way we took feedback from users on how to improve the experience even more and went to apply changes to the Panjo program but we ran into limitations.

So we decided to develop our own so that it would be custom for the site and even though we can't personalize the site to everyone's personal taste we wanted to meet the needs and desired features by and large of the majority of users.

We sent out an email survey to all the 50,000 registered users we have in our newsletter explaining we could continue with Panjo until the new product was available or revert to the former forum style posting for classifieds. We also posted a thread on the site and a poll on the site. The results were 80% of the users voted to revert back to the forum style posting until the new version was ready. After making the change back to the old style of forum posting we had feedback that users really do prefer the Panjo product to the forum style posting.

On a side note Panjo also did an update last week and they did not notify the sellers or us which caused some confusion. There is a buy it now button on every item. If a buyer clicks buy it now they have to put a payment in. You can choose to accept it or decline it as the seller. If you accept it Panjo will forward the payment to you however you would like but minus whatever fees PayPal or the Credit Card company charges. It is your choice to accept the payment or decline it.

So Where Are We Today?

You have both! We are currently running both options so you can list in Panjo or post in the forum directly. We are close to having our new product that should be the best of everything you've asked for and then we will release this new product when it is completed. Going forward it will also allow us to make any changes that we need in order to make your experiences even better!

We appreciate your patience and most importantly your support as we continue to improve the user experience on the site!

Best Regards,


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