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Hello TOTV Members!

We have another update for you on what is going on at TalkofTheVillages.com as well as some helpful information and tips. In this update we want to first inform you that due to our continued growth in traffic we are forced to move to a larger server. We will be scheduling this to be at non-peak times (yes believe it or not there are some non-peak times on TOTV) so that all of the users are minimally impacted if at all. There may be some brief moments when we have to restart the server and we apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience and hope that for the majority of users it is a total seamless upgrade.

We want to thank you for your continued support over the past nine years and for making us the #1 website in The Villages!

If you are looking for the most current and comprehensive listing of the clubs in The Villages and weekly activities and constant real time updates look no further than TheVillagesActivities.com.

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See What Villagers Are Saying

Wildwood Application Withdrawn

The Villages Developer application withdrawal from the city of Wildwood.

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Stolen Golf Carts

An ongoing issue with carts being stolen in The Villages. Last month a cart was stolen in Laurel Manor.

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Speeding Tickets Issued

A few days ago 20 speeding tickets were issued on Morse north of 466. 3 were issued to golf carts.

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Talk of The Villages University

Welcome to TOTV University where we will discuss some helpful tips for getting the most ouf of TOTV.

Good To Know

Remember My Password

We have had users recently ask us "Why when I click the remember me check box at log in and then come back the site doesn't seem to remember my credentials?".

This is a great question! In almost every instance this is because at some point in time a user has set the browser they are using to 'clear cookies and cache' in their settings. So every time you log out the user name and password you entered is cleared do to these settings.

Golf Cart Trail GPS App

This handy little app is available now on any Google Android or Apple IOS device (including iPhones and iPads). The answer to your prayers is now here! The Villages GPS app is a powerful GPS tool for navigating these roads, roundabouts and Golf Cart paths and is a MUST for all Villagers especially if your coming to visit or going to be moving here. Not only does it have full turn-by-turn voice directions of all the golf cart paths in The Villages, but you can also use it anywhere in the United States for your vehicle on all roads.

Download this handy little app in your Android or Apple device App stores by searching for TheVillagesGPS.com or go to our website for the links. For more details simply visit the website below.

Learn About The Villages GPS

New Classified Updates

We have a great tutorial series that we have been building on that are videos to show you have to navigate the site and have just loaded up 3 new videos on how to post an item in the classified section, how to edit your item, and how to delete your item. If you have any issues navigating the classifieds, please reach out to us via email or PM and we can assist as needed.

Thank you for making us the #1 source for classifieds in The Villages with nearly 2,000 items listed!

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Have something to sell?  Join the other 8,000+ items listed for sale on TalkofTheVillages.  Thank you for making us the #1 website for classifieds in The Villages.

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Eternal Members

Unfortunately, we, from time to time, lose a TOTV User and out of respect, we change their user title to Eternal Member as they will continue on in memory at TOTV.

If you are familiar with any user where we need to respectfully update please feel free to let us know via PM to Admin.

Classifieds Spotlight

1973 First Edition Proofs and others including:

  • The Franklin Mint Special Commemorative Issues of 1973
  • Miami Dolphins 1972 NFL Champions
  • 50th Anniversary First Non Stop Coast to Coast Flight

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Did You Know


Are you a new Villager, visitor, or maybe long time resident and need a reminder on how to navigate the roundabouts?

See a great brochure that explains the rules of the road below.

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Picture Perfect
Check out this photo of a porpoise in the Keys taken by a member.
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Featured Rental

Do you need a rental for your next visit? Here is our rental spotlight a 2/2 Villa in The Village of Caroline.

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