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Hello TOTV Members!

March typically ends the prime 'snowbird season' in The Villages and for those who have been down here we hope you have enjoyed your time on TOTV while being in The Villages! When you go back home stay in touch with the friends you have met by visiting the #1 website in The Villages TalkofTheVillages.com !

In this month's update we have another installment of TOTV U to help you with tips on using TOTV as well as other updates for you.

Thanks for all your support!

If you are looking for the most current and comprehensive listing of the clubs in The Villages and weekly activities and constant real time updates look no further than TheVillagesActivities.com.

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Hot Topics

Do you know how to use the roundabouts?

Even though we all received brochures on how to navigate the roundabouts, there is still much confusion.

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How do you feel about rentals in The Villages?

I believe that if we don't get a grip on these issues, we will have properties occupied by people that don't have a vested interest in our community.

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Saving seats at the square?

What is the proper etiquette for reserving seats at the square. Some will rope off several seats and, then, never even use them!

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Talk of The Villages University

Welcome to TOTV University where we will discuss some helpful tips for getting the most ouf of TOTV.

Did You Know

Subscribing to Threads

Remember the last thread that you read that was interesting and you wanted to stay up to date on any new comments made? With TOTV you can get an instant email notification whenever a comment is made on that topic.

This is simple to do. After you are done reading the thread and you want to subscribe to it, you will see at the first post a drop down labeled Thread Tools and the 3rd option down is Subscribe to this Thread.

Simply click on this option and you will be directed to this page:
where you can manage the way you want to be notified. Then click on the Add Subscription button and you are all set!

You always manage your subscriptions under your UserCp from the main navigation bar. We hope this tip helps you stay in touch with your favorite topics and posters!

Golf Cart Trail GPS App

Getting around The Villages is not easy for anyone visiting or new to the area. Most Villagers own a golf cart and there are over 90 miles of golf cart paths to travel. Getting around The Villages on the cart paths can be quite frustrating and confusing especially with the rapid growth of The Villages and new streets being added frequently.

Until now there have been inadequate options. This handy little app is available now on any Google Android or Apple IOS device (including iPhones and iPads). The answer to your prayers is now here! The Villages GPS app is a powerful GPS tool for navigating these roads, roundabouts and Golf Cart paths and is a MUST for all Villagers especially if your coming to visit or going to be moving here. Not only does it have full turn-by-turn voice directions of all the golf cart paths in The Villages, but you can also use it anywhere in the United States for your vehicle on all roads.

This map app's menu is so easy, intuitive and includes all the Town Squares, Championship / Executive Golf Courses, Recreation Centers, Neighborhood Villages, Pools, etc.

The app also allows you to bookmark your favorite locations, search by address, share locations, shows locations of interest such as parks, hotels, restaurants and shopping. Street, Satellite, and Hybrid views are all available.

Download this handy little app in your Android or Apple device App stores by searching for TheVillagesGPS.com or go to our website for the links. For more details simply visit the website below.

Learn About The Villages GPS

TOTV Site Updates

Classifieds Poll

As the #1 source of classified listings for The Villages we are looking to improve your experience. We currently allow for a user to post directly in the Classified Forum their item or you can list through Panjo. We are about to migrate off Panjo onto a better platform for the users on TOTV. Take our recent poll and make your voice heard.

Take the Poll

Political Section Update

We have re-launched the political section and hope everyone is settling in to the new format. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this section feel free to email or PM (private message) us your feedback.

Visit the Political Section


Have something to sell?  Join the other 8,000+ items listed for sale on TalkofTheVillages.  Thank you for making us the #1 website for classifieds in The Villages.

Visit the Classifieds

Classifieds Spotlight

2005 Electric Club Car Precedent in great condition (refurbished in 2013).

Well maintained and in great shape, call to see.

Asking $3,900.

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Resident Meet and Greet

Be on the look out to join next months meet and greet of your fellow users and residents at Crisper.

Picture Perfect
Below are a couple of amazing photos posted by your fellow Villagers
Learn More
Learn More

Report a Post Question

We had a question from a user that wanted to know how long does it take for a moderator to address a reported post?

When a post is reported all moderators and admin are notified. The first available moderator will review against the site rules.

If it is a clear violation of the published rules the moderator will address. We tend to address these issues privately with the offending user. If it is a more complex issue multiple moderators and/or admin will weigh in on the issue and necessary actions required.

Please take note:
We have excellent moderator coverage but we do not have 24/7/365. So when you report a post it may take a few minutes or a few hours or even days if a very complex scenario to address. Please be patient and know we review EVERY issue reported and take them serious.

Also, please do not take action into your own hands. Two wrongs don't make a right. If you report the issue to us it does not give you the license to then attack the poster. Please let us address the issue and that keeps you out of having to deal with the situation.

Featured Rental

Do you need a rental for your next visit? Here is our rental spotlight a 2/2 Villa in The Village of Caroline.

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