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We hope everyone had a Happy and Safe New Year's! It's hard to believe we have rolled through January and are now going into February. We are still trying to get use to writing '2015' here at Talk of The Villages.

Politics. Now that we have your attention, we have a number of updates to share with you in this newsletter. One of which is an update on the political forum. Also we have updates regarding the Classifieds and new features on the website as well as another installment of TOTV University to help you with tips on using the website and to take advantage of the various features and functionality.

As we roll into 2015 it will be our 9th year online and we continue to grow at a double digit pace and want to thank each and every one of you for your support and participation!

Best Regards,


Who doesn't like to save money?

Talk of The Villages was the first local website to bring you online coupon savings and now we have Coupon Alerts. When you click on New Post when there is the latest coupon for saving on all the things you love you will see a Coupon Alert.

When you click on this you will be directed to that particular coupon so you can print it out and start saving money. Some days you may not have any, you may have one, or you may have a dozen. It will vary based on the latest coupons that are being released. So if you check Talk of The Villages you can always get a real time snap shot of the latest coupons to save. You will see this feature starting this month.

If you do not want to see these savings in your New Posts no problem.

Just click the red button that says Skip Coupons and you will not see this Coupon Alerts.

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Hot Topics

No Funds to Complete 466A

Apparently Fruitland Park Has No Money to Complete the 466A Project. It may Take 5 Years To Complete.

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New Fitness Club with Indoor Pool

Coming soon will be a new, private fitness club with an indoor pool. Called 'Too your Health Spa V', it is being built on 441 across from Oakwood BBQ.
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The Villages on the Tonight Show

Megan Boone, daughter of Jennifer Parr, was on The Tonight Show. She talks about growing up in a retirement community.

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Talk of The Villages University

We plan in each issue to bring you tips on how to navigate the site and some functionality you may know but your fellow users do not know about.  We will call this the TOTVU spotlight.

Did You Know

Ignore List

In this issue of TOTV-U we realize with over 100,000+ visitors every month that believe it or not everyone does not have the same personality or writing styles. On occasion we find some users just let's say rub each other the wrong way.

Well you can easily change your settings to not see the comments of any particular user. All you have to do is click on UserCP in the navigation bar, scroll down to Settings & Options then click on Edit Ignore List. All you do then is enter the user's name and click the Okay button and you are all set.

Ever been lost on the golf cart paths?

If you have not heard, there is an app that has all the golf cart trails mapped out including all the Villages, Rec Centers, Pools, Squares, etc. The folks at TheVillagesGPS.com have announced a recent update. Anyone who has already purchased the app will always get this and all updates Free for life. They have recently just enhanced the app with a speedometer built into it.

If you have not updated your app, please do so as you will want the latest version on your mobile device.

Learn About The Villages GPS

Classifieds Update

Classifieds Poll

One of the reasons we have been the leading website for The Villages since 2006 is that we are also Villagers, the site is managed by Villagers, and we listen to all the suggestions that are made to improve the site. We are working on a major enhancement to our classifieds, but have had a larger number of users who have suggested we revert back to the forum style classifieds until the new version is ready to roll out.

We want to hear your voice and opinion and have started a poll so you can vote. Please visit this thread to vote and or leave your comment(s).

Take the Poll

How do I remove a sold item in the classifieds?

After logging into your user account, click on Classifieds then click on Market Place Tools. Here you can manage your listings including marking as sold. If you are having any issues please simply go to your listing and click on the Report Item in red and you can send us a message requesting us to cancel your listing.


Have something to sell?  Join the other 8,000+ items listed for sale on TalkofTheVillages.  Thank you for making us the #1 website for classifieds in The Villages.

Visit the Classifieds

Classifieds Spotlight

A 1937 Ford humpback sedan with steel body.
unique chop w/slanted b pillars. 305/350 drivetrain. p/windows. p/seats. p/ steering remote entry. a/c asking 30000 o.b.o

View Item

New Restaurant Section

With the overwhelming success of our Home Improvement section where you can read reviews and ratings as well as leave reviews and ratings on various contractors, we have launched a similar new section for Restaurants.

Just like the Home Improvement section, you can read reviews and ratings as well as leave your own reviews and ratings on various restaurants around The Villages. In case you have not seen it yet, below is the Home Improvement Directory.

If you are interested in advertising your Restaurant or Home Improvement business please contact sales at sales@talkofthevillages.com.
Picture Perfect
Below are a couple of amazing photos posted by your fellow Villagers
Learn More
Learn More

Political Discussions

Last but not least. As we mentioned above we attribute our success in part in the feedback that you the user sends us on how we can make the site even better. In February you will see the re-introduction of our political section.

A quick overview of what to expect with this section.

  • Users will have to 'opt in' or 'opt out'. If you were already 'opted in' our political forums prior you will automatically be 'opted in' to the new one.
  • Posts will not display in 'New Posts'. You will have to go to the political forum to see the new posts.
  • This is a self-moderated area. Our rules and Terms of service still apply but you will not be able to click on 'report a post'. If there is an egregious action your account will simply be banned.
  • When posts are made in this section you will not see a user name displayed, but you will see 'Guest' displayed.
  • If a post is made in the general forums of the site and it is political or becomes political it will be automatically moved into the political section.

We don't expect this to satisfy every desire and wish that every user had. But we want to accommodate those who want to engage in political discussions while at the same time everyone maintains civility and respect in the forum and not putting any undo burden on our moderators. The more they have to moderate the less time to play golf right!

We will continue to 'refine' this area of the website and we will continue to listen to your feedback. But we hope this is a step in the right direction and creates a balance and safeguards to maintain respect and civility among members while discussing these topics.

Featured Rental

Do you need a rental for your next visit? Here is our rental spotlight a 2/2 Villa in The Village of Caroline.

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