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2014 in The Villages

It's hard to believe 2014 is winding down and we are heading into another new year!  We hope this finds all of our fellow Villagers healthy, happy, and doing well!  We plan to periodically send out all registered users updates to let you know about some things that may be of interest to you.  Don't worry we will not inundate you with emails we promise!

First off, we want to thank everyone for making TalkofTheVillages the #1 website in The Villages!  Our traffic this year has been up 24.55% over prior year and for 8 years in a row we have had 20%+ growth every year!  We are also crossing a milestone of having almost 50,000 voluntarily registered users!  Even though our total visitors easily double this number, it is significant as it represent users who have voluntarily registered with a verified email account to participate with the site's activities!  We did not scrape or buy a user list these are all voluntary registrations!

What you will find in these newsletters is various updates that will add some value in your website visits and to The Villages. If there is ever anything we can do to improve or assist please feel free to contact us. We want to thank all of our moderators who work so hard to keep the site healthy and they are all your neighbors and fellow Villagers! Thanks again to all our users and fellow Villagers for your participation and support over the past 8 years!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Want to save money?

Talk of The Villages was the first website to bring you local online coupon saving opportunities.  At the top of the website in the navigation bar you will see Coupons.  Here is a quick link.  You can bookmark or save this so you can easily save money before your next grocery shopping adventure!  

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Hot Topics

Do Villagers Drink a Lot?

When I was there last year I noticed the number of bars and how packed they seemed.  Do you think that people are just being social or do you think people really drink a lot. With my meds I can't have more than one and I assumed a lot of people our vintage would also be taking meds that say don't drink. When I see a golf cart going all crazy I wonder are they drunk.

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Indoor Pool Meeting!

For those of you interested in an indoor pool, there was a meeting of the Amenity Authority Committee and one of the items on the agenda was indoor pools in The Villages.  The meeting was held Wednesday, Dec. 10.
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Aerobics in neighborhood pools

So glad to read in the Daily Sun today that the Recreation Department is clamping down on those over-zealous and pushy (in the sense of literally pushing non-aerobic group pool users out of the way) non-sanctioned exercise groups who take over some neighborhood pools.

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Talk of The Villages University

We plan in each issue to bring you tips on how to navigate the site and some functionality you may know but your fellow users do not know about.  We will call this the TOTVU spotlight!

Did You Know


Have you noticed when someone posts on TOTV that next to their user name they have a nice personal picture?  This can be easily accomplished by logging in, then click on USER CP then the 3rd section down is Settings & Options and below this is Edit Avatar.  Click on Edit Avatar and to your right you will see a box with Custom Avatar.  Click option 2 Choose File and select the image you want to use from your computer which should be 120x120 and click save changes!  Then the image you selected should now start appearing in your posts as well!

Ever been lost on the golf cart paths?

Have you or your guest ever been lost on the golf cart paths?  Now there is a  GPS App that you can use for the golf cart trails!  You can save your favorites, go direct to the squares, Villages, and golf courses through a pre-saved one touch feature with voice guidance.  Best of all you can use it anywhere in the country for your car as well!

Learn About The Villages GPS

Updates from the TOTV Team

iPad / iPhone Notice

Apple's recent update has caused some formatting issues with websites that have complex skin designs such as TOTV.  We are working with Apple to assist in de-bugging these issues as well as are developing our own work around.  It is random and does not affect all Apple users but if you notice a strange display please hit your refresh button once or twice and that usually corrects this.  Thanks for your patience as we work through this unforeseen issue with their recent update.

Why Has My Post Disappeared?

This question is one that we would like to address.  The basis really starts with understanding the rules of the site.  Everyone is notified of these via a link when you register but we know often new users may not take the time to review them as they are excited to participate or list an item for sale.  Every user should know the basic rules to the road of being a participant on the website.

Forum Rules


Have something to sell?  Join the other 8,000+ items listed for sale on TalkofTheVillages!  Thank you for making us the #1 website for classifieds in The Villages.

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Classifieds Spotlight

An authentic Louis Vuitton Excursion Monogram Shoe Hand Bag

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Do you need a good contractor for a project?

Finding a good contractor for a home project can be a daunting task we know as fellow Villagers!  Talk of The Villages has an exclusive feature to be one additional resource for you in your search! Introducing The Villages Home Improvement Directory.

When you click on the above link it will take you to advertisers on TOTV that can handle various projects around your home.  There are 2 independent features you will find.  One is the star rating.  Any registered user can leave a contractor they have used a star rating and this will reflect the averages given.  Even though these are advertisers at TOTV we only want quality businesses as advertisers to if someone gets enough poor reviews they will not continue to participate on the site, which is good for all of us!  The second part is the contractor reviews.  Here registered users can click on the create/read reviews to leave a detailed review of their experience.  Again only email verified registered users can use either function.  Each is independent so you can do one, the other, or both. 

We hope this is just one additional resource for you in your search for a good contractor.  Please feel free to rate and leave reviews on any contractor you have used through the above link!

Featured Rental

Do you need a rental for your next visit? Here is our rental spotlight a 2/2 Villa in The Village of Caroline.

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